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Manage the stock of your business


 Inputs and Outputs
 Stock Units
 Warehouses and Lots


Create Stock alerts to make daily inventory management more effective.

 Alerts via Email< /div>
 Alerts via SMS< /div>

Stock Movements

Track Stock inflows and outflows in real time.

 Perform reviews routine inventory
 Mú multiple warehouses
 Informaçã o and real-time synchronization
 List, print or Export the list of stock movements to Excel at any time

Inventory Management

Fully and efficiently control your inventory.

 Overcome the challenge of control stocks
 The efficient way to managing a growing company
 Do the survey from your inventory in real time
 Export the inventions rivers to communicate with the world Tax Authority

List of Stock Movements


Increase your profits through better management of your inventory.

 Informaçã in real time to analyze your business
 Track stock through ;s from the totals map
 Control of finished products stock
 List, print and export at any time

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New features, lower prices, new support service, all without changing anything about your account. Get your Management Software on OnlineBIZ now.