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Your Customers with a Loyalty Program


 Digital Card
 Promotion Alerts; es
 Integraç Payment with Invoice
 Cashback or Points
 Appointment Calendar


With incentive programs, you reward your customers and encourage repeat sales.

 Create incentive programs with attribution of Cashback or Points
 Set the frog. The value of the credits attributed to each purchase
 Possibility of using as payment method

Members, Partners, Suppliers and Managers

Monitor and manage all entities involved in the loyalty program.

 List of all members by loyalty program
 Control transactions; actions performed by each member
 Add the partners you want add value and significantly enhance benefits
 Assign and make the management of the managers of each program


Create points catalogs and incentives for your loyalty programs.

 Add the different types catalog
 Associate the catá logos for the respective loyalty programs
 Search and find easily any catalog from your list
 Find out in real time the catalogs that have assets


Effective product portfolio management is essential. This is fundamental to the competitiveness and sustainability of any loyalty program.

 Update in real time all information about your products
 Add unlimited brands to your catalogs
 Organize the products from the different catalogs
 View the list of products by supplier, brand, category and catalog


Make it simple to create and manage points of sale associated with your loyalty program.

 Create; o unlimited points of sale
 Configure and follow the point of sale availability
 Consultation and management; o comments by POS
 Management opening hours


Easily track all transactions online and/or in your physical store.

 List of all transactions with value and/or points
 View the transactions; information from members of your loyalty program
 Access transactions per point of sale
 Control transactions; partner details


Make the reward redemption process as simple and quick as possible.

 List of all redemptions and respective points
 Visualize the redemptions information from members of your loyalty program
 Access redemptions by point of sale
 Follow the redemptions partner details

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New features, lower prices, new support service, all without changing anything about your account. Get your Management Software on OnlineBIZ now.